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Friends only

Shall I ever learn to appreciate this for what it truly is? No. It does, however, have a few redeeming qualities. I intend to utilize this journal for personal musings and thoughts. It shall be extremely personal and introspective most of the time. I am a very serious person and I intend to be taken seriously. This is a locked diary for good reason. If you should have some strange desire to know my intimate thoughts, perhaps I'll let you read, perhaps not. In short, this is a "Friends Only" journal. If anyone even manages to find this other than those whom I've told, either be on your merry way unless you feel compelled to comment. I will most likely respond to that comment and then we shall see what follows. Once again, I do not assume anyone should find themsevles in this situation, for I try to keep this all as discreet as possible. Thank you.
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