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The Alchemy of Letters

To Whom It May Concern
28 October
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I enjoy my solitude.
15th century, 16th century, absinthe, academia, acids, alchemy, alestair crowley, ambition, anais nin, ancient history, antiques, antiquity, apothecaries, architecture, baroque, bauhaus, being alone, bitterness, black humor, brian eno, brooding, candles, caravaggio, castles, cauldrons, chemistry, classical music, cloaks, coldness, conformity, corruption, crime and punishment, cynicism, dark hair, dark magic, dead can dance, dead languages, dead trees, death, decadence, delicacy, determination, dueling, duels, el greco, elixirs, enbalming, england, eroticism, etchings, forgiveness, formulas, fyodor dostoevsky, gnosticism, gothic architecture, gregorian chants, grey skies, handwriting, henry miller, hermits, historical books, history, holding grudges, illuminated manuscript, indulgence, ingredients, intellectuals, intelligencia, intricacy, ironwork, keeping to myself, latin, learning, letters, liquids, lock and key, loneliness, long hair, macbeth, malevolence, malice, martin luther, mathematics, medival europe, misery, monks, mummification, my significant other, mythology, natural things, night, northern renaissance, obsession, oils, pale skin, perfection, phoenixes, point of no return, poison bottles, potions, purity, quills, ravenclaw, rebirth, red wine, redemption, renaissance, revenge, rivendell, romanticism, roxy music, rules, sarcasm, satin, science, scorpio, scotland, secrecy, secrets, seduction, sensuality, serpents, sex and death, silk, skeleton keys, slytherin, snakes, solitude, sorcery, spirituality, stars, teaching, the black plague, the brothers karamazov, the dark arts, the dark lady, the finer things, the mind, the occult, the senses, the seventh seal, tragedy, velvet, veritas, winter, wisdom, witchcraft, wizardry, wormwood, yew trees